Our cross-disciplinary Technology team is active in a number of areas, working with numerous early stage and growing technology businesses. 

We are the chief legal advisors to the Gabriel and Equity Gap investment syndicates. In the last few months alone, we have advised investors and technology businesses in investments totalling over £5m.

Because of our contacts and experience in acting for both founders and investors we can offer expert commercial and legal advice to you. In particular, we can:

  • Introduce founders to investors and vice versa
  • Advise on the most appropriate form of fund raising, whether through debt, “angel investment” or crowd funding
  • Assist in getting businesses “investor ready”
  • Conduct due diligence on commercial contracts and investee businesses
  • Advise on getting the right terms for investment for both founders and investors
  • Advise on achieving the right incentives for founders and their teams
  • Protect intellectual property through trademarking, copyrights and licences
  • Help with commercialisation through licensing
  • Assist with development of the business strategy from the bottom up by advising on what works and what does not