Pricing Transparency and Choice.

At Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP we are committed to being transparent about the fees which we charge for the professional services we provide. Where appropriate to the work, we aim to offer pricing choice to clients.

Hourly Rates

Our normal basis of charging is hourly rates. Our standard charge out rates vary according to the applicable level of experience of the team member who carries out the work. All work is carried out at the appropriate level in order to ensure a balance is struck between mitigating professional costs and efficiently progressing the matter. Our current hourly charge out rates are as below. We charge time in units of five minutes in terms of The Law Society of Scotland guidance. These rates are usually reviewed each year. The following rates are exclusive of VAT which is payable at the current rate of 20%.

Charge Rate Range per Staff Grade (w.e.f. 1 April, 2024)
Partner £295 - £385* Solicitor / Senior Solicitor £165 - £245*
Consultant / Legal Director £265 - £355 Paralegal £110 - £285*
Associate / Senior Associate £210 - 285* Trainee Solicitor £120 - £140*
*dependent on individual seniority and experience

Pricing options

As an alternative to charging at an hourly rate, we are prepared to discuss other pricing options and arrangements, either for the totality of the work which we carry out or for various stages.

In appropriate circumstances, we may be able to offer a selection or combination of the following:

  • a fixed fee
  • a limit on the maximum which we will charge (and if the circumstances dictate that the work cannot be completed within that budget, we will work with you to agree an alternative feeing arrangement or to agree a suitable modification to our scope of work)
  • bank-of-hours arrangements, where you buy blocks of our lawyers’ time in advance, with cost certainty
  • blended hourly rates, where more than one team member is involved,
  • a risk-sharing target fee, or
  • a success-related fee.


It is our practice to bill on a regular interim basis, usually monthly, for payment by return.

Legal aid

We do not undertake legal aid work.


You will be issued with a letter of engagement and terms of business. This forms the contract between Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP and its client. The key elements of the letter of engagement are:

  • It will advise you who will be carrying out the work
  • It will summarise the work which we carry out and, and where appropriate, the work which we will not carrying out
  • It will record the charging arrangements which have been agreed with you
  • You will be provided with details of our Client Relations Partner, to whom any concerns in relation to service should be addressed.

Your responsibilities

You can help us properly scope the work and set appropriate feeing arrangements by:

  • giving us clear instructions
  • accurately advising us of all facts relevant to your transaction or requirements for advice (and we will reply upon information and representations you provide to us as being accurate and complete)
  • keeping us informed of all developments relating to the matter
  • letting us know if there are any important time limits of which we should be aware
  • dealing promptly with our queries or requests for information
  • making yourself or any key personnel available to attend meetings or proceedings; and
  • advising if you or any key personnel will be unavailable at any time.

01 April, 2024