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Commercial Contracts

We understand that every contract a business enters into can have consequences. Our job is to protect you in all scenarios.

The Commercial Contract law team advise on legal and practical issues affecting your business and its contracts. We understand that every contract a business enters into can have intended and unintended consequences. Our job is to protect you in all scenarios.

We negotiate and advise on various forms of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) contracts. Special legal rules apply to particular types of contracts for example with consumer contracts or with “standard”/non negotiated contracts. Allocating a sensible budget to getting terms and conditions right from the start should ensure your investment reaps rich rewards in terms of both setting expectations and avoiding claims.

Misconceptions about contracts, and what rights the law does and doesn’t give you, are widespread. With decades of experience behind us, we use that knowledge to help our clients navigate contracting law and find the best route for their business.

We help various types of clients including:

• Entrepreneurs/Innovators
• Software/APP designers
• Newly-incorporated companies, start-ups and SMEs
• Family businesses
• Household names/Market leaders
• Owner-managed organisations
• Domestic and international suppliers of goods and services
• In-house legal teams
• Charities, BIDs and third sector organisations
• Inventors
• Artists, publishers and creative agencies
• Trade associations

We are experienced in many areas, including the following sectors:

• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Energy
• Healthcare
• IT and electronics
• Software development
• Intellectual property and brand protection
• E-commerce
• Entertainment
• Sport
• Education
• Defence
• Arts
• Professional services
• Procurement

Some examples of the work we carry out include:

• Drafting, negotiating and enforcing B2B and B2C contracts
• Contractual disputes
• Privacy, data protection and information law generally
• supply contracts
• Standard form contracts and terms of business
• Contractual Joint Ventures
• Supply of manufacturing plant and machinery
• Agency and Distribution agreements
• Consultancy/professional service contracts
• Domain name issues
• Branding and intellectual property protection
• Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
• Sponsorship and advertising deals
• Procurement and tender drafting and disputes
• Outsourcing
• Contractual interpretation