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Debt Recovery Services

Sometimes, even the most efficient credit management system has to be backed up by robust debt recovery services.

Solving the Cashflow Challenge.

Any business, of whatever size, knows that cash is king. The best and most profitable businesses manage their cash flow effectively but sometimes even the most efficient credit management system doesn’t recover the sums due.

This is where WJM’s Debt Recovery solicitors can step in to help solve the cash flow challenge.

We won’t give you long legal explanations unless you want them. Instead, we are focused solely on getting the money that is due to you into your bank account leaving you free to grow your business.

We will act as your “voice” and will have what can be difficult conversations with debtors on your behalf. Our reputation and the quality of our commercial debt recovery team will make sure that you are heard, and more importantly, paid.

“I’d almost given up hope of my customer ever paying. However, Steven threatened bankruptcy, which made them pay up very promptly.“

Whatever the size of debt, we have a raft of legal and tactical tools that we can use to get you paid. These range from issuing demand letters to raising court proceedings to liquidating the debtor’s business.

We recognise that cost can sometimes deter creditors from taking action and that is why we have streamlined our procedures to ensure the most efficient possible recovery. In the unlikely event that it won’t pay to instruct us then we’ll tell you that immediately. n the majority of cases our debt recovery solicitors are able to ensure that our costs won’t exceed the expenses that you can recover.

Most of our debt recovery work is carried out on a fixed-fee basis, which we will set out for you at the start of a case.

We are also able to discuss a retainer service if you issue a larger number of invoices, meaning that you will only be charged one fixed-fee per month irrespective of the number of cases you send us.

From sole traders to PLC’s, we know what our clients value; we know the law; we work effectively and efficiently. We are the place for practical Debt Recovery services and advice.

Instruct us directly

To make the process of instructing us even easier, you can now do so through this website.  We will need to establish you as a client of the firm on our system first time around, so please e-mail Steven Docherty or call 0141 248 3434 to start the process.

Once registration is complete, you will be able to access our Instruction Form to send your commercial debt recovery request directly to us.