Wright Johnston and Mackenzie Solicitors

Debt Recovery Costs

It needn’t cost the earth to recover your money.

At WJM, we are committed to transparency in our Debt Recovery fees. We operate on a fixed-fee basis, meaning that you will know in advance how much it will cost to recover the debt. Our fixed-fees are as follows:

  • For debts up to £5,000 - £150 plus VAT
  • For debts of £5,000 and over - £225 plus VAT
  • For each court hearing (if required) - £50 plus VAT

Sometimes, our fee has to be dictated by the specific circumstances of the case, so the fixed-fees mentioned above may not apply. We will still work on a fixed-fee basis in those cases, which we will tell you about up front, but the figures may be different.

Whenever we sue to recover your debt, we will also have to pay costs to the court on your behalf to get the court action up and running. These costs are usually:-

  • For debts up to £5,000 - £100
  • For debts of £5,000 and over - £120

In any case where we are successful in obtaining a judgement in your favour, we will be able to claim costs from your debtor. Usually, those costs will be sufficient to cover our fixed-fees and outlays.

If we have to take steps to enforce a judgement against your debtor then we will not take such action without first agreeing with you any additional charges, which we will seek to add to the debt where possible.

Instruct us directly

To make the process of instructing us even easier, you can now do so through this website.  We will need to establish you as a client of the firm on our system first time around, so please e-mail Steven Docherty or call him on 0141 248 3434 to start the process.

Once registration is complete, you will be able to access our Instruction Form to send your request directly to us.