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Wills and Trusts Disputes

As much planning as clients do with their Wills or Trusts – things can, and do go wrong, which is where the combined expertise of our private client and skilled conflict resolution team can help.

Our expert team, led by Roddy Harrison with SJ Macdonald, is on hand to provide advice, whether it is to assist executors or trustees in disputes against the trust or estate, or to help beneficiaries who are seeking information on their entitlement, or who have concerns around the terms of a Will.

Finding out a loved one has died is an emotional time, and discovering that you are (or are not) a beneficiary adds stress to that already difficult time. You may find you need assistance if you’ve been told you have legal rights in an estate, to challenge the Will, or possibly just get more information on or negotiate your entitlement. Cohabitants may also be able to make a claim, but due to strict time limits advice should be sought early on.

We can help also with various issues that arise in Trust administration. Sometimes there is no dispute, but the trustees or beneficiaries are restricted by the trust’s terms. In those situations, court action may be necessary – for example, to remove an incapable trustee, have new trustees appointed (if there are none left) or to vary the terms of a trust for tax, financial or other reasons.

Our team, led by Roddy Harrison, can help you with the following: