Family Office

You may think that ‘Family Office’ sounds a bit formal and ‘isn’t for you’ but, in fact, your family already has an informal Family Office. It is the combination of assumptions, understandings and expectations that exist in every family about ‘how we do things around here’.

As time passes, families and their wealth usually become more complex and it is vital that the structure to organise and run the business of the family - the Family Office - keeps up.

The 'business of the family’ can range from sophisticated wealth management through to household services. It should be remembered that the setting up of a Family Office is not exclusively for families of substantial wealth; every family, regardless of wealth, must devise a way of managing the business of the family.

WJM’s Family Office service helps those families who want to do more to shape their future than simply hope for the best. Together we will ensure that your Family Office is built in the image of your family and is designed to achieve your family’s goals and aspirations.