Family Business

WJM is the market leading law firm for family businesses because everything we do is based on the reality that the interests of a family and their business are inseparable. What, on the face of it, appears to be a ‘business issue’ often stems from a ‘family issue’ and the former cannot be resolved without the latter being addressed first.

The mistake that many families make is in not working with the right adviser.  They pick advisers who:

  • Lack the range of skills required for family business consulting
  • Don't have any real depth of understanding of the pressures on a business brought about by the involvement of family
  • Are unable to act as an independent adviser to all the family because of potential conflicts of interest (lawyers are unable to advise more than one family member) or simply because they are seen as “Dad’s accountant”.

On the other hand, a family business consultant is not subject to the same rules on conflicts of interest and can therefore work with the whole family. In addition, a family business consultant is unlikely to have had previous involvement with the family or be seeking a long term relationship with the family, so can offer truly independent and impartial assistance.

Family Business Solutions (FBS) is the specialist consultancy branch of WJM. Operating since 1995, FBS has helped family businesses across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East to overcome the issues facing them. More information can be found on the Family Business Solutions website.