Wright Johnston and Mackenzie Solicitors

Family Policies, Meetings & Management

Sometimes it’s not about managing the business, it’s about managing the family.

We can help with a host of issues which help family businesses professionalise the business of their family such as defining and introducing policies, holding family meetings and helping with the general management of the family through creating family offices.

We can help family businesses to introduce policies to govern areas of importance such as education, philanthropy, new ventures and employing and remunerating family members.

Regular family meetings with clear agenda points can be so useful. This is where the family would openly discuss their objectives and the business of the family. A trusted non-family facilitator can be really helpful in starting the conversation or re-igniting discussion, particularly where family relationships are frayed and tension abounds.

WJM’s Family Office service helps those families who want to do more to shape their future than simply hope for the best. Together we will ensure that your Family Office is built in the image of your family and is designed to achieve your family’s goals and aspirations.