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Other WJM resources for your Family Office

WJM has a range of other services and resources which both compliment, and are part of, our wider Family Office service.

Services are drawn on by our Family Office clients as and when needed helping us to provide a holistic, client-centred service. These services include:

Personal Wealth Planning: managing your own wealth can be a time-consuming and challenging task. WJM’s Wealth Planning team can assist you with investments, financial services and pensions to ensure your personal financial planning is sound and straightforward. Read more here.

Estate Planning: tying closely in with Wealth Planning is Estate Planning. No one willingly leaves money to the taxman or sets out to create problems for their heirs. Our Estate Planning team works with you to protect your assets through the generations. Read more here.

Tax Planning and Compliance: paying tax is one of those activities we do reluctantly. Our Tax Planning and Compliance team works with you to help you navigate your way through the increasingly complex tax maze so you take advantage of all the reliefs and allowances you are entitled to. Read more here.

Philanthropy: It is becoming more and more popular for families to use their wealth to make a positive impact on the world. Although similar, philanthropy can be distinguished from charity. Charity usually takes the form of a simple gift whereas philanthropy is a long-term goal to make a positive difference, which is developed and achieved over time.

We can help families with their philanthropic endeavours by offering advice in relation to tax and to setting up philanthropic and charitable trusts. By being properly set up and tax efficient, more of the family’s money reaches those who need it most. Read more here.

Trust Formation, Accounting and Administration: Trust law and taxation has become increasingly complicated in recent years. We work with you to safeguard assets by placing them in trust, or to set up trusts to benefit your family. Trusts can also protect young or vulnerable people and can save tax. Read more here.

Conflict Resolution: Our experienced Conflict Resolution team can assist with all types of family disputes; from basic disagreements to multi-generational conflicts.

While we appreciate that in some cases it may be necessary to go to court, our initial approach would be to resolve the conflict through alternative methods such as mediation. Provided a satisfactory agreement can be reached, we believe this option is to be preferred as it keeps the conflict away from the public eye. Read more here.

Custodianship of Documents: In conjunction with our legal and financial services, we offer complimentary storage of all important documentation such as title deeds, wills, powers of attorney and investment paperwork.