Wright Johnston and Mackenzie Solicitors

Online Terms and E-Commerce

Our team at Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie help our clients comply with and stay profitable in the face of the seemingly never-ending stream of e-commerce rules and regulations. We have experience across a variety of sectors where selling online is critical. Our clients are both international and domestic, and include many in IT, software development, catering and hospitality, home-improvement, suppliers of goods and services and also those involved in the consumer services industry. That experience allows us to support our clients when setting up new e-commerce operations, trading online, experiencing cross border issues in both the real world and cyberspace and also in dealing with day to day regulatory compliance and disputes.

Some of the areas we frequently help with include:

• Website development agreements
• Mobile app and general application development agreements, end-user licences / EULAs and privacy policies
• Advising generally on privacy policies, cookies compliance and data protection
• Website terms and conditions, including membership terms, terms of use
• Website and data hosting agreements
• Online supply of goods and services terms and conditions
• Contracts involving distance selling and consumer rights
• Domain name disputes and transfers
• Software licensing and distribution
• Online expansion of operations and regulatory aspects
• Advising US and other international clients on cross border compliance with the UK and EU regimes

E-commerce matters can be wide ranging and frequently touch upon intellectual property rights, privacy, commercial, regulatory, technological, international and regulatory issues. We provide tailored and useful legal advice and work together with you to ensure your business tackles the important issues when operating online....but does not get bogged down by them.

If you require advice, please get in touch with a member of our team.