Recent Sector Activity

We are one of the most active firms in the Sector, and have been involved in numerous recent projects.

For businesses

We have acted in 7 funding rounds for Scotrenewables Tidal Power Limited raising £15 million of funds from Total, Bonheur/Ganger Rolf and ABB Technology.

Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine

We have acted in 5 funding rounds for Catalysystems Limited raising over £2 million. Catalysystems Limited owns patented technology which recycles and allows the re-use of industrial waste water through photocatalysis.

We acted for CST Global in its 2009 funding of £6 million. CST Global operates a foundry for the manufacture of smart chips and is a leading researcher in the industry.

For investors

We have acted for Equity Gap in its investments in:

  • Tayside Flow
  • Qikserve Limited
  • My1 Log In
  • Insignia Technology
  • Neurocentrix
  • Aetus
  • Saloca
  • Sunamp

We have acted for Gabriel Investments in its investments in:

  • Biogelx
  • Cosneta
  • Connect-In
  • Cojengo
  • Quantilyte