Wright Johnston and Mackenzie Solicitors

Managing Your Charity

WJM offers a range of support services for charities and social enterprises includes accounting, administration and secretarial services, payroll, regulatory filing and HR consultancy – basically everything you need to make your charity run properly, legally and efficiently.

For smaller organisations, we can provide a complete and cost effective service to help run your organisation, tailored to your needs, helping to avoid costs associated with premises and staff. For medium to larger organisations, we can fill any gaps.

Services which are regularly used by current charity clients include:

Employment law is a minefield. Employment costs can also be a charity’s largest expense. That’s why our Employment team can advise on employment policies and practices, and provide guidance should any employment issues arise.

Our Praesidium employment law protection service is of particular relevance to charities, providing protection against employment related claims as well as an employers’ manual and access to an employment law advice line.

After employment costs, property is often a charity’s biggest expense. Our Commercial Property team advises on the buying, selling and leasing of commercial premises (shops, offices, industrial units, specialised property such as hospitals and clinics, etc.), whether in Scotland or England.

They also work with charities to develop property and, for larger charitable trusts, to manage property investment portfolios.

Arguments are a fact of life and charities are no exception. Where disputes arise, our Conflict Resolution team can help resolve these in an effective manner, while seeking to protect your organisation’s assets and reputation.