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Praesidium Employment Law Protection

Praesidium gives employers peace of mind. It is an affordable, comprehensive, employment law protection package, providing insurance against claims to the Employment Tribunal. 

Praesidium provides cover to the extent of £250,000 per claim or series of claims arising out of the same circumstances, subject to an annual aggregate of £1,000,000. It covers the cost of representation and, with limited exceptions, the award of the Tribunal. It will also provide you with a 24 hour employment advice line and access to our online Employers Manual.

Praesidium provides the following:

  • Review of all contracts and policy documentation
  • Employment law Helpline
  • Insurance cover in the event of claims to the Employment Tribunal
  • Advice throughout the year from qualified employment lawyers
  • Online employers’ manual: a full comprehensive web based manual which is updated regularly
  • Regular employment briefings to keep you up to date

It is essential that, at the very least, your employees have a written Contract of Employment and that you have disciplinary and grievance procedures which you follow in your dealings with them.

For a no-obligation quote please contact any member of the Employment Team. All we require in the first instance is your staff count, your annual turnover and your annual wage bill.