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HR Assist

Many organisations don’t have their own HR Manager – instead, they manage their people issues directly, perhaps at owner or Director level.

However, businesses tend to find that, when they need an HR Manager, they need one right away, and that is where WJM HR Assist comes in - we provide you with your “own” HR Manager on tap, helping to stop expensive problems arising down the road. 

We don’t have our own HR Manager, do we need one?

Managing your HR internally can be beneficial, as it allows a good strong link between management and workers. However, as businesses grow, their needs can change and what may have been easy to manage before, now becomes more difficult.

At WJM we recognise that the pressures of our clients’ business needs mean that there are never enough hours in the day to attend to everything. WJM HR Assist can help you manage your workforce – effectively, efficiently and economically - and will help you avoid conflict and claims.

WJM HR Assist provides robust, no nonsense advice which balances the interests of practicality and commercial reality. We work across Scotland – from Orkney to the Borders.

Through our WJM HR Assist programme, the services of a skilled HR professional are made available to our clients. This can be done on a fixed basis of a number of days or hours per week, or alternatively on an as required basis. Typically, clients use this service for recruitment, appraisals, discipline and grievance, redundancy and TUPE consultation.

We will agree a competitively priced fixed fee arrangement for each assignment.