Wright Johnston and Mackenzie Solicitors

A Dedicated Team

Our dedicated Renewable Energy legal team provides outstanding renewables legal advice, working across mainland Britain and on our offshore islands.

Our dedicated team is exactly that – a team. In addition to the breadth of our legal expertise we have an unmatched enthusiasm for the industry and more renewables experience than we care to remember. We’re a fully integrated, commercially aware team who can deal with any aspect of your project, from inception to completion, regardless of scope, generating capacity or timescale.

Our team will help you bring your renewables project to fruition.

Since 1997, the team has worked on over 50 Scottish renewables projects for clients of all sizes, generating over 3,000MW and covering on shore and offshore wind, hydro, biomass, energy from waste, wave and tidal generation. Our experience covers everything from small hydro projects for individuals and island communities to significant infrastructure projects for major developers. 

We use those years of experience to work efficiently and seamlessly giving you value for money through our fully integrated service covering:

  • Property aspects - from advice on the Head of Terms, the securing of the land and the ultimate exercise of the lease.
  • Planning issues - from strategic advice at an early stage and pre-submission legal audits to help you anticipate and avoid potential difficulties and maximise the chances of securing consent, through to representation at committee, appeal and/or judicial review.
  • Environmental issues - providing advice on the various statutory regimes.
  • Financing - whether bank or private equity, including all due diligence.
  • Corporate and commercial aspects - structures, documentation and intellectual property.
  • Agricultural, rural and crofting issues.
  • Construction issues - contracts & contentious disputes.
  • Community schemes - co-operatives, community interest companies and more