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Employing in the Licensed Trade

As an employer within the Leisure and Hospitality sector, you will have many different types of employees.

They will range from casual staff and students, to part-time employees, to managers, executives, and key staff (maybe even Michelin starred chefs!).

To ensure the smooth running of your business, you will want to ensure you adhere to best practice. You will want to make sure you have proper employment contracts in place and your employment issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

WJM’s Employment team have experience and expertise to help you achieve all of these things. With a number of existing Leisure and Hospitality clients, we are experienced at providing straightforward and pragmatic advice to employers in the sector.

We also offer access to Praesidium Employment Law Protection. Praesidium is a subscription employment law advice service, and includes access to a dedicated employment law website and manual, as well as a 24 hour advice line which is ideally suited to those in the sector.