Andrew J P Wilson


  • LLB (Hons) Law
  • Writer to the Signet
  • Non-Executive Director of a newspaper company

My job is to find ways of resolving disputes for organisations and individuals.

At one end of the spectrum that might require me to be in court. At the other I may be negotiating a solution between the parties involved. Either way it means I spend much of my time working with clients who find themselves in difficult situations and who turn to me to help them move forward to a cost-effective solution.

Whoever I am acting for, I use my many years of experience in dispute management to help them find the most appropriate and effective way of resolving their problem.

My work mainly focuses on commercial disagreements, often in Scotland’s highest courts, though I act for individuals too. My dispute resolution skills are also applied to employment issues: here I help my clients resolve issues affecting their relationship with their employer or their employees.

Recent Activity

My recent cases demonstrate my range and depth of experience. In commercial work they include a minority shareholder protection claim, a shareholder dispute on the terms of a business purchase agreement and incidental restrictive covenants, and advising on a quasi-partnership dispute.

For an individual, I am assisting in a very substantial (several million pounds) personal injury claim. For a family, I advised on a boundary dispute: here I negotiated a settlement outside of the court system to the satisfaction of both parties.

Outside of my court work I offer advice to a variety of large and small businesses on employment law and practice as well as media advice to a newspaper group.