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WJM Employment Law Expert Offers Advice Following Delayed Flights for Euros Fans

Liam A Entwistle

Published byLiam A Entwistle

2nd July 2024

WJM Employment Law Expert Offers Advice Following Delayed Flights for Euros Fans

In light of the recent travel chaos that left England and Serbia football fans stranded after the Euro 2024 match in Gelsenkirchen, there are significant employment implications for those unable to return to work as scheduled. This disruption not only affects fans' travel plans but also has potential consequences for their working lives.

Liam Entwistle, employment law expert at Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie, issues a warning to travellers who could face missing work due to delayed transport in future.

He warned: "When an employee requests and is granted time off, whether it's paid holiday or unpaid leave, they are expected to return at the agreed time. Failure to do so places the employee on unapproved, unpaid leave, and the employer is under no obligation to pay them for this period.

"This unfortunately could also expose any worker to disciplinary action. They are not protected if their absence causes operational issues, such as the employer having to find replacement staff to cover their shifts.

"The employer is well within their rights to initiate disciplinary procedures in such cases. While this doesn't necessarily mean the employee will be dismissed, it certainly opens the door to possible sanctions."

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