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Liam A Entwistle

Liam A Entwistle

I am a Commercial Fixer, resolving your conflicts for you, leaving you free to run your business and your life.

I help by resolving conflicts between people, or between people and organisations. I do it as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.

If you’re an employer, I can, as an Accredited Workplace Mediator, help to keep you out of trouble and out of tribunals.

I will find the right tool to resolve your conflict, whether that is negotiation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication, or (the last resort) in tribunals and courts. There are very few commercial disputes I cannot deal with on your behalf.

My experience with dispute resolution in all its forms means I am part of WJM’s renowned Family Business team. Here I help business families resolve those major and minor disputes which can, if left unresolved, spill over in the family business and so harm the family’s principal wealth generator.

Liam Entwistle has guided my family through a difficult legal issue skilfully and professionally. He was patient, listening to us and answered our numerous questions. He explained each step clearly and was always open and honest with us. Importantly, he showed my family empathy and we felt whole-heartedly supported and represent by him. Liam was outstanding during the actual hearing and did a sterling job for us. I would highly recommend him.

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“Thanks so much for everything. I really appreciate your help and all the magic you produced. Your report was definitely the killer blow. Just fantastic!”


Client testimonial from confidential employment issue