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Considering what will happen to your affairs after you’ve gone.

As difficult as it can be to turn our thoughts to future events, making sure that your affairs are in order will help your family and friends to cope with the pain of bereavement. By putting a Will in place and with regular review, potential difficulties or pitfalls can be avoided, leaving you with the peace of mind that you have made the right arrangements for your loved ones.

Wills don’t just deal with the division of your assets but also allow you to appoint Guardians for any young children; nominate a carer for your pet or leave a legacy to charity. Together, we can explore ways to protect your assets, provide a future income for your spouse or children and ensure that any business interests will be maintained.

Other benefits in making a Will can include saving tax, appointing executors of your choice, directing your assets towards the people you want to benefit and incorporating any funeral instructions.

Relying on the law rather than a Will can lead to some unexpected results, even if your estate and family are quite straightforward. Not everything will automatically pass to your spouse or civil partner and step-children do not have the same entitlement as biological or adopted children. It’s also not possible to disinherit your spouse, civil partner or children. We can help you to consider your specific circumstances and make sure that your wishes will be carried out.

If you have business interests, assets abroad or have remarried you could benefit from specialised consultation with us to ensure that the best possible plans are laid. Even if you already have a Will, keeping it up to date is important. A change in your family circumstances, finances, career or domicile should all prompt a review.

Our team are used to dealing with a multitude of different personal circumstances or wishes and would be pleased to discuss your position with you in further detail.