Construction Dispute Resolution

It is not always possible to prevent or avoid disputes but we have the expertise required to resolve construction disputes in a way which minimises disruption to your business and maximises your ability to concentrate on other activities (knowing that the dispute is in safe hands).

The construction industry has gone further than any other to promote effective methods of dispute resolution and our Conflict Resolution team has the experience and expertise to represent and advise you in every eventuality. We have acted for clients in Mediations, Arbitrations, Adjudications and in court.

Specifically, we have recently acted in the following:

  • For a contractor in a court action against the employer for non-payment, in circumstances where Adjudication was not available because the project involved the erection of a private house.
  • For a contractor in an Adjudication brought by a sub-contractor for non-payment, where we had advised our clients in relation to the issuing of pay-less notices which helped insulate them from liability in the Adjudication.
  • For an architect in an Adjudication brought by an employer in connection with allegations that our client had not carried out his duties.

Our team is proud of our success rate in resolving these disputes on behalf of our clients, whether by way of a formal decision or by successful negotiation. The sooner a brewing dispute is referred to our team, the easier it will be for us to assist in resolving it, whether that is by advising on pay-less provisions or in putting our clients in the best position in any payment claim.

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