Wright Johnston and Mackenzie Solicitors

Court Actions

If a dispute requires a decision, going to court can be unavoidable.

However, it need not be the expensive and time-consuming process which many people might anticipate. Our team of experts focusses on the merits of a dispute from the very start – we have no interest in raising a court action for you, or advising you to defend an action, if we don’t think you can win. In that event, we will help you achieve a sensible, commercial, solution to your conflict.

Sometimes, though, court action is unavoidable – you may need your property interests protected, or you may need to stop someone from infringing on your rights. You may need a debt to be collected, or you might need to defend a damages claim. These disputes don’t always need to be about money – sometimes they can be about matters of principle.

Whatever the dispute, and no matter the reason you find yourself in court, you need experts who are focussed on helping you navigate the procedures and fighting your corner.

We have expertise in:-

  • contract disputes
  • landlord and tenant disputes
  • insolvency cases
  • property and neighbour disputes
  • personal injury claims
  • intellectual property actions

Essentially, anything which might end up in court, is part of our expertise.

Our team regularly acts for clients in court actions all over Scotland, in the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session. We are significant users of the Commercial Court procedures where available, which help disputes progress to a decision more quickly and cost-effectively. Our aim is always to use the court procedures to help our clients, and we are always on the look-out for ways to bring a case to a decision as soon as possible.

We will always be open and transparent about costs, and will do our best to set out for you, in advance, how much a court action might cost you. We know how much you value that transparency, which can help you plan and make decisions on the underlying dispute.

No matter the reason you end up in court, our team is well placed to ensure you get the best outcome.