Commercial Property Development

We are often called upon to help our clients from the very outset of a building's life.

We draw on the expertise of our Planning and Construction teams to advise our developer clients on how to build a project out to completion.  This can include advice on contracts with the builders, and disputes which are encountered during the build.

Once it is built, a buiding needs to be tenanted, or you might be occupying it yourself.  We can ensure that all necessary lease documents or management arrangements are in place to ensure that the building retains, and builds on, its value.

During its life, you might want to change the building's purpose or use, and we can call on our expertise in Planning matters to help bring that to fruition.

Eventually, if you decide to sell, we can advise on the proper marketing strategy, and can also put you directly into contact with buyers, investors and funders to help the transaction go smoothly.