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Kathleen McArthur

Kathleen McArthur

I help clients put their affairs in order, through Wills and Powers of Attorney and I help families make sense of the processes required after the death of a loved one, hopefully helping to make a difficult time a little easier.

I also assist elderly clients, for whom I had a Power of Attorney, with the management of their affairs, and advise clients on Guardianship Orders.


Recent Activity

I have advised clients on estate planning with a view to reducing the exposure of the family to nursing home costs, as well as assisting with Deeds of Variation, to vary the terms of wills, after death, to reduce the liability of Inheritance Tax.

I have dealt with substantial estates where Inheritance Tax has been payable, where in depth Trust and other issues have been involved, and required ongoing management over many years.

I have assisted elderly clients who perhaps have no family members available nearby, who have required to find suitable nursing home care at short notice, and have needed someone to act for them in a speedy, sympathetic and efficient a manner. Thereafter, I have attended regular care review meetings on their behalf, and attended to all manner of issues for them in operation of a Power of Attorney.