Our People

If individuals or businesses are in dispute, I can help them settle that dispute, whether it’s through mediation, arbitration or more formally through tribunals or the courts.

I’m a Partner in the conflict resolution team, helping clients across a wide range of areas.

My advice covers all forms of disputes whether in the workplace (employment) or with property and contracts. Helping you get paid through recovery of debt is a large part of my work.

I have a particular specialism in dealing with disputes regarding Personal Guarantees. I am also very experienced in resolving franchise disputes, where I work with both franchisees and franchisors.

I have over a decade's experience in appearing at Courts throughout Scotland. I frequently appear at the Employment Tribunal, both in Scotland and England, and have also appeared at the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

I will always adopt the most practical approach to resolving disputes speedily and effectively, and at the lowest possible cost.

Recent Activity

Neighbour disputes are always fraught. In one such recent dispute I successfully resisted an attempt to cut off access to my client’s water supply – this success meant they were not forced to move out of their own home.

My advice in a recent lengthy redundancy consultation, which my clients followed to the letter, meant that my clients did not have any potentially expensive and damaging claims made against them.

Family disputes, especially over a will, can be both vicious and long drawn out. In a recent case, I was able to secure the full sum left to my client in a will, the former solicitors in the case having been unable to do so over a period of years. My client was, as might be expected, extremely happy to have secured this outcome.

A claim in excess of £200,000 had been made against one of my clients. I was able to settle the claim on the basis that they make a minimal payment in terms of expenses.

Every day, with the minimum of fuss, I help clients resolve employment issues.