Our People

I can help you buy, sell or lease commercial property in Scotland, from high street shops, industrial units and office premises to portfolio acquisitions.

My 25 years of experience in this area allow me to deliver a pro-active service for a wide range of clients across many different types of property transactions.

I specialise in, firstly, helping high street retailers build their property portfolios across the UK and, secondly, in helping telecoms companies put the infrastructure (masts, towers, base stations, etc.) in place.

My specialisms are in commercial leasing in all its forms, as well as the management and delivery of volume roll out transactions.

Recent Activity

My recent activity includes

  1. roll out of several hundred new stores for a high street retailer over a short timeframe,
  2. portfolio acquisition of 20 commercial properties in an insolvency situation,
  3. portfolio acquisition of 90 properties in an insolvency situation,
  4. restructuring of property holdings following a major company restructure,
  5. 4G roll out for a major telecommunications operator and network infrastructure provider.