Our People

I’m an experienced corporate and commercial solicitor who advises on contract law, transactions, procurement and disputes.

I help clients by providing practical legal advice on a wide variety of corporate matters, whether it’s navigating the increasing commercial, regulatory and compliance requirements involved with day to day business, drafting and negotiating contracts or planning a joint venture.

Over the years, I’ve helped clients in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, home improvement, electronics, IT, software development, data hosting, professional services (including finance and accounting, recruitment, other solicitors), procurement, catering, charities, BIDS, entertainment, media and sport.


Recent Activity

• Assisting software developers with the restructuring of their mobile app business to allow for investment, succession planning and licensing possibilities.
• Advising in relation to tender award issues and related litigation.
• Helping individuals in relation to restrictive covenants and new business start-ups.
• Advising on numerous GDPR and data protection projects, including contact centres (inbound and outbound), leisure and holiday organisations, schools, theatres, and utilities providers.
• Drafting and negotiating service level agreements and reseller agreements for Scottish electronics manufacturer.
• Reviewing and updating standard form terms and conditions for an international manufacturer and supplier in the utilities sector.
• Advising on government contracts, framework agreements, co-operation and collaboration agreements.
• Negotiating international and European distribution agreements for a manufacturer’s new product lines in the consumer electronics and healthcare sector.
• Advising in relation to business to consumer and business to business contract queries faced by industry leading home improvements manufacturer and supplier.
• Consulted by inhouse counsel for global supplies organisation in relation to product liability and subcontractor issues.