Leasing - Landlord & Tenant

We have a broad range of clients, both landlords and tenants, and we deal with all types of property, whether retail, leisure, office or industrial.

For landlords, our clients cover the spectrum: from owners of shopping centres through to individuals owning a single property as part of their pension portfolio.

For tenants, we act for a number of national chains in the Leisure & Hospitality and retail sectors as well as for individual operators. We recently completed a lease roll out of some 300 shops throughout the UK.

Often in landlord/tenant situations there are tight deadlines to be met. Our sector experience and knowledge of what is and what is not likely to be material, means that we can often meet demanding timescales.

We are supported by experts within WJM on Planning, Construction and Tax amongst others so that for any project specialist advice is on hand whenever needed.

We offer extranet reporting and a web based document management system so that property and other management type information is available to clients at all times.