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You work hard to build your wealth, so your wealth should work hard for you.

Most people put their wealth to work through a sound investment portfolio which meets their short, medium and long- term goals. Our Wealth Planning team works with you to ensure you have a portfolio of investments suited to your situation, objectives and risk profile, and then we help you manage that portfolio.

Your investment objectives are important as these will help to determine the mix of investments needed to meet your ambitions. Mapping your path to that mix of investments, and reviewing the route along the way, is where we help.

You could be investing for your holiday home in the sun, to put your children or grandchildren through school or university, to make provision for your family after you die, or just for extra income when you retire. Whatever your reasons for investing, we can work with you to help you reach your destination.

Our careful, regularly reviewed planning will keep your investments on track and allow you to prioritise your short, medium and long-term goals.

We may recommend that investments are held through WJM Share Nominees Limited, our subsidiary which takes care of much of the ongoing paperwork associated with investments, thus easing the administration burden on you.

Where appropriate, we will recommend suitable trusts so that your investments are managed as efficiently as possible, and so that protection is provided for your beneficiaries and that taxes – Income, Capital Gains and Inheritance – are minimised.

We also have our own corporate trust company, Maritime Trustees Limited (MTL). Appointing MTL as a trustee can simplify matters for you as you will not have to ask a relative or family friend to take on the sometimes onerous job of acting as a trustee under, for example, an investment or life policy on your death. In addition, where a friend or relative has previously been appointed as a trustee, they may die before you or they may no longer be able or willing to act, meaning you would have to find a replacement, with all the associated paperwork and inconvenience.

The advantage of appointing MTL is that these issues would no longer arise: notwithstanding that the partners in WJM (who effectively own MTL) may change, MTL itself carries on and will continue to act as a trustee.

MTL is also able to act objectively whereas it may be difficult for a friend or relative to do so.