Our Work With Communities

Making a decision to generate power in your own community is the first step. Whatever your reasons for community generation, we can work with you right from the start.

Our dedicated Energy team acts for:

  • Communities
  • Community Groups
  • Individuals
  • Crofters, Farmers & Landowners
  • Funders
  • Small and Large Developers

We help you protect your interests such as your land security, power supply and your project’s unique features. We’ll provide you with a path that starts by securing all your rights, leads onto obtaining all consents, through funding to final construction and, when you get there, selling your power on.

We will work with you to make sure all elements are covered, such as property and planning matters, grid connections, financing your scheme (including fundability and compliance), buying your generation equipment, and helping with rural and crofting issues. We will also help with corporate advice on structuring the organisation you set up to run your project.

At every step of the way, we’ll use our expertise to guide you towards your ultimate goal. We’ve helped communities switch on their own power – can we help you with yours?

We are committed to helping communities towards achieving their own aims.  That's why we have entered into a unique partnership with Community Energy Scotland.

Agricultural, Rural & Crofting Issues

A key WJM strength is our in-house specialists. One crucial area for communities is sound, practical advice on agricultural, rural and crofting issues in renewable energy developments.

Our Agricultural & Rural Sector team works closely with developers, landowners and communities to ensure that renewable energy developments are in harmony with local land uses – both now and in the future.