Our People

As a Trust & Executry specialist, I take away some of the difficult and distressing tasks associated with winding up the affairs of my clients' late friends or relatives.

At a very challenging time for families and loved ones, I help to make their lives easier.

This involves dealing with banks & building societies, insurance companies, stock brokers, utility companies and all the Government, social services and local authority departments who need notifying of a death.

The pressure of Inheritance and other taxes due can be worrying for many families and friends; here I help them by dealing with HMRC to ensure everything is managed correctly.

Recent Activity

Dealing with someone's estate is very personal - no two estates are the same.

Recently I have worked on a complex estate where the deceased had property in three different countries as well as a substantial UK, European and Overseas investment portfolio. Working with my colleagues in the wider Private Client team, we tracked down all the paperwork - in this digital age not as simple as it sounds - contacted all the organisations involved and gathered the assets into the UK. HMRC were involved from the off and the winding up of the estate was completed smoothly and swiftly.

Regardless of the size of the estate, one of my key tasks is managing the expectations of friends and family over how long it takes to complete the administration of an estate.