Jacqui Alleyne


  • LLB (Hons) (Law)
  • Diploma in Legal Practice

My work involves negotiating for clients and advising on all aspects of a renewables project, from the initial idea to practical completion.

I help you bring your renewable energy project, wind or hydro, to fruition by helping you navigate through the myriad legal documents.

Areas in which I help are negotiating and advising on the Heads of Terms, Options & Leases, Access agreements and Section 75 Agreements.

Before the project moves too far ahead, I will work with you to examine the title to the proposed project area and highlight and eliminate, as best we can, any potential title problems which could hinder or prohibit the development

Having a fundable, sellable scheme at the outset is the key to your project moving to successful generation of power. My experience in financing, including community financing, and all the legal issues financing can bring, means I can work with you to ensure that your scheme’s legal documents offer a fundable and sellable scheme.

Should you wish to realise your scheme’s value, I can help you sell your renewable energy project.

Recent Activity

Advising a Community Energy group on the land documents and the financing of a single wind turbine.

Working for a large UK utility company in the proposed sale of a multi-owner wind farm scheme.

Advising another large UK utility company as to an Energy Compensation Agreement. This Agreement is required as two wind farms sit side-by-side.

Selling a single wind turbine community based scheme.

Selling a development site to a well-known housebuilder.

Refinancing of a hydro scheme and a wind farm.