Andrew Pattie


  • LLB (Hons) (Law)
  • Diploma in Legal Practice

I help you find ways of resolving disputes quickly and efficiently, so that you can move on with your life and your business. In many instances this can be done without the need for court action. 

Where the involvement of the courts does become necessary, my focus is to achieve commercially sensible outcomes which are proportionate to the costs involved. 


Recent Activity

My work is very varied – some recent examples of my everyday work are:

  • Attending a judicial mediation for a respondent in an employment dispute and reaching a favourable outcome
  • Acting for a purchaser of a defective property and progressing a claim against the seller and the contractors under the collateral warranties
  • Negotiation of a settlement agreement on behalf of a company in relation to a complex and protracted dispute with a former employee;
  • Defending a company against a historical asbestos related personal injury claim;
  • Acting for a company seeking to enforce non-compete provisions against a former employee;
  • Providing employment advice to companies and organisations on an ad-hoc basis in relation to issues or conflicts that may arise.